Most frequent questions and answers


Doctors! We deal only with the brands. Dentaltown directly fetch the products from the original manufacturers to fulfill your dental requirements. Thus only a genuine product is shipped when ordered.

Also, we provide authenticity cards and there are QR codes printed on the products. They can be scanned to check the originality of the product.


In-stock assures the availability of the product with us. If your selected product is in stock that means it is available in our warehouse and will be dispatched as soon as you place order for it.

“Sold Out” means that minimum stock level of the product is not maintained with us. If the product desired by you says sold-out, you can login by following the link given below the product name to get notified whenever it’ll in stock again.

Or simply follow This


If you find any information missing on the product page. It can be because of some error or else we might have missed what you want to know. Click on “Raise Ticket” below and notify us so that we can provide you with best possible information.


Generally, most products takes 3-4 business days to reach at your doorsteps. However some products mostly equipments listed below takes more time to get delivered unlike others.

  • Dental Chairs                                                   

  • Dental Compressors

  • UV chambers and Autoclaves

  • X-ray Units

  • RVG sensor machine

  • Model Trimmers

  • OPG and CBCT machines,

  • Apex locators and Endomotors

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners and Scalers

  • Implant Motors/Physiodispensor

  • Bleaching Light and light cure units

  • Amalgamator

  • Clinic Setup Kits

  • Heavy liquid products

These products takes 7 business days to get delivered.


Please raise a ticket & attach a file in Excel format (preferred) for which bulk prices are required, the concerned team will get in touch within 24-48 working hours.

Or simply mail us your list at



Dear Doctor! We care for your dental needs & we commit to provide you your ordered items in a good condition

For National Orders:

You will be happy to know that we have free shipping above Rs 5000 (INR)

However, if you wish to buy any product below the free shipping amount we will charge a small amount of Rs 50 (INR) only

We understand your concern for lesser shipping charges, but we have some rules which we have to abide in order to serve you well in longer run

For International Orders:

  • We do not have any shipping on international orders yet



We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. Drop us a mail at , we will get back to you as soon as possible.