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Product Highlights

  • Dia-Gun is a cordless obturation system that extrudes warm gutta percha to backfill root canals.
  • With Dia-Gun’s fast and precise delivery of warm obturation material, optimal results are achieved everytime.
    • Kit containing Hand Piece
    • Charger, Saftly caps
    • Plunger and Plunger O-Rings
    • Power Adapter & Cord
    • Disposable Gun tips
    • Multipurpose wrench
    • Scrubbing brush
    • Battery
    • 1 pack of 100 Gutta Purcha obturator.


  • Key Features :
    • Cordless and compact design allows complete freedom of movement.
    • – Made of superior silver alloy to reduce breakage
    • – Fast and continuous flow of filling tightly seals the canal
    • – Variable temperature settings (160ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC): Precise control of obturation flow
    • – Quick heating system: temperature reaches 200ºC within 25 sec. No more waiting
    • – Ergonomically designed 360º swivel needle offers improved access and great Maneuverability.
    • – Thin needle allows precise filling of narrow root canal. Thinner tip (available in 23G or 25G) can easily fill narrow root canals


  • Indications :
    • Fast and perfect obturation with lateral condensation


  • Technical Data :
    • Variable temperature settings (160ºC, 180ºC, 200ºC.Charging Time Approx. 2 hrs 30 min
    • – Operation Time per full charge 20 times per 4.5 minutes.


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